The ethos behind Hesperoo is that the home should be loved by everyone and that having children should not mean compromising on style. 

Inspired by my daughter, the real Hesper Roo, we have created a range of characters that feature on handmade cushions, wall-hangings, prints, cards and tableware, designed to appeal to children without looking out of place in the family home.

Most of these characters are named after the imaginary characters that Hesper makes up when playing and are influenced by our love of nature, stories and vintage illustrations.

We hope that they sit happily in your home and spark your own child’s imagination.

All handmade items are designed and made by me in my garden studio. Prints, cards and melamine ware are proudly printed/made in the UK. I use eco-friendly/sustainably sourced materials where possible.

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I welcome press and wholesale queries, please email me at or use the contact form.

Thank you!

Hannah and Hesper Roo


✨✨ By the way, Hesper means ‘Evening Star’ which is why we have a fondness for stars in our designs & packaging! ✨✨